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Tracking Conversions with Google Analytics in simple steps

What are conversions?

The conversion is done for the betterment of the website. A conversion takes place when a visitor to your site takes an action you care about and “converts” to a customer. The conversion could be done through filling out a form, or completing a purchase, or by simply showing a high level of engagement with your site. This post will help you  todefine and measure the traffic sources result in conversions.

What to do  for tracking conversions on your website?

For tracking conversion on your website through Google analytics, you have to build goals with the tracking parameters. If you don’t have a google analytics tool configured then you can follow these steps to get it  configured with your website and track your website conversions effectively. For this, you have to register google analytics and build your tracking URL in your Google analytics tool.

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Now, after adding your web URL to the google analytics, you can use this URL to track activities on your website by help of this website. After that you have to define a goal with the specified parameters to track the conversions of your website. While setting a goal you can use predefined options present with the tool or can set custom goal by defining it in a proper way with all the attributes defined clearly.

How to set a goal for tracking conversions through Google analytics?

Goals are set to track your website’s conversions. When you are setting up a goal, there are three options from which you have to choose the best for you. The first one is ‘template’ which also have multiple templates as an option and you have to choose any one of those templates. The next option is ‘smart goal’ option. Through option you can set a goal which can track all conversions on your website automatically. The third option allows you to setup a custom goal for tracking conversion through your Google analytics. Click here – .

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