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The Dangers Of Unlicensed And DIY Tree Removal

Tree removal shouldn’t be taken for granted, whether the reason is disease, positioning or instability. Apart from the sheer effort involved in removing trees on your own, there are also significant risks for safety and structural damage.

Tree removal experts at encourage their clients in the Eastern Suburbs area to enlist a professional service instead of organising a DIY tree removal. Here are the dangers associated with unlicensed and DIY tree removal.

No Proper Equipment

Homeowners should never attempt to use this equipment to remove a tree on their own.You might not have the proper tools for the job. Eastern Suburbs requires tree care professionals to wear protective gear for good reason. A certified arborist also uses dangerous equipment such as chainsaws, ropes, cranes, wood chippers, etc. This requires extensive knowledge, training, and experience.

Dead or Decaying Tree

A dead or decaying tree is often very unstable and dangerous. Even a tree care professional can have difficulty removing such trees. That’s why a homeowner should always hire a certified arborist to inspect the integrity of a tree before they attempt a tree removal service. This will not only prevent injuries and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones but prevent damage to your home and property as well.

Structural Damage

Trees don’t always land where you expect them to. It’s common for an amateur to estimate the tree’s landing trajectory only for it to fall onto structure, power line, or car, causing serious damage. An experienced arborist knows exactly where on the trunk to make a cut and how to cut in proper angles. They also take into account the tree’s height, weight, and foliage before determining a plan of action.

Unpredictable Tree Falling Direction

One of the greatest dangers associated with DIY tree removal is miscalculating the direction that the tree will fall. If you want proof of that, simply log on to YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of videos where DIY’ers cut trees and watched them drop onto their vehicles or smash the roof of their home.

Additionally, just as the direction of the fall can be dangerously unpredictable, so too can the height if you misjudge it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you could get seriously injured if the tree kicks back and hits you.

Tree Hazards

Tree limbs can be rotten even though they appear to be fine. If you don’t see this type of hazard, that limb could easily break under your weight. Tree care services will use what is known as a “bucket truck” to remove such limbs, a piece of equipment that the average DIY’er doesn’t have in his or her tool kit.

Unless you’re extremely sure of yourself and your tree risk assessment skills, this is a job that only a tree care service should be doing.

For safe tree removal, it’s always best to enlist professional service. If you need other services to maintain your landscape, landscape maintenance Sydney from Amico is always available.

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