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Qsymia Side Effects You DEFINITELY Want To Avoid

Qsymia a combination of topiramate and phentermine is an effective weight loss medication used by many. This being the only FDA approved weight loss medication is becoming increasingly popular with people struggling from obesity. This ultimately curbs the in-between meal snacking and overeating there by expediting the stored fat utilization in the body. This might be the magic pill for many but it comes with its own set of side effects. It is necessary to gain complete knowledge about them to avoid any health risk.

Qsymia should always be avoided at all cost during pregnancy or if you suspect to be pregnant. Qsymia during pregnancy can lead to birth defects called cleft lip and cleft palate. If you suspect you might be pregnant then it is always advisable to take a pregnancy test before starting the drug. When on the drug it is mandatory for women to exercise effective birth control to avoid the side effects. In case if pregnancy occurs then immediately contact the doctor as exposure to topiramate can be damaging to the foetus.

While you are on the drug the heart rate should be monitored continuously as the drug has the tendency to increase the heart rate at rest. People sometimes experience a racing or pounding feeling in the chest. The effect is more common in patients who already have cardiac problems. The drug is also known to cause disorders like depression, anxiety and insomnia. These generally are resolved in the due course and if they are prolonged then discontinuing the drug is beneficial. Qsymia also has known to cause suicidal tendencies in many, if this occurs then stop the drug immediately.

The Side effects

The phentermine/topiramate side effects are also known to cause cognitive impairment. The drug effects concentration, memory and sometimes speech difficulties. The cognitive dysfunction is generally caused due to higher dosage of Qsymia. Topiramate one of the components of Qsymia is known to have the potential of causing kidney stones. Hence to minimize the effect it is imperative to consume an increased amount of fluids preferably water. This causes the urine to be diluted there by reducing the substances having the potential to form kidney stones. The above discussed side effects might be rare in occurrence but if experienced should be immediately reported to the health care provider. Sometimes Qsymia can cause certain eye problems as well. Like there is a sudden decrease in vision which may or may not be accompanied by pain and redness. If such problems arise they should be treated on priority as it might lead to permanent loss of vision.

Apart from these fatal side effects there are others that might be less in intensity but are commonly seen. Some of the commonly occurring side effects include constipation, nausea, vomiting, dizziness; loss of taste or changes in the way food tastes and dries mouth. Apart from these sometimes the patient might experience numbness or a tingling sensation in face, arms, hands and feet. These side effects generally get resolved but if they are prolonged then it is advisable to visit the medical practitioner.

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