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Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service Fort Myers Florida

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Hoarding is a situation in which a person collects too many items and trash in their home and can no longer safely move around the building and live a normal existence. These situations are very hazardous to the inhabitants’ health and to anyone who enters. We provide the best professional hoarding cleanup service Fort Myers Florida can provide because we know that these types of jobs are too overwhelming for just one or a couple of people to handle.

Hoarding can be a very emotional experience for the hoarder. They feel a strong sentimental attachment to nearly every item in their home. So we help the hoarder come to terms with the situation and to maintain some control over what they keep and what they donate or throw away. This process is done carefully and deliberately so that the hoarder doesn’t feel like they have lost control of the situation.

Hoarding can also be a biohazardous condition. The trash in such a home invites animals to come and stay. They leave droppings, which can carry harmful bacteria and viruses. Even breathing the air where the droppings were left can cause disease if the pathogen is airborne. Some of these pathogens enter the food and water sources for the home, and this can also cause disease. It is imperative that the animals be eradicated and the feces removed, along with any items in the home that could have been contaminated by the waste.

While we try to save as many items and furnishings in a house where a hoarder lives as possible, we cannot salvage everything in most cases because there are some items that simply cannot be disinfected. We work with as much care and respect for the items as possible, however, and try to salvage what we can. There may be times when we have to remove flooring, carpeting, drywall, etc. to return the home to its proper condition and to get rid of bad odors, which can also cause disease.

If you know of someone who is a hoarder and could use a hand in getting their living conditions back under control, please give us a call. We provide the best professional hoarding cleanup service Fort Myers offers, and we are ready to assess any hoarding situation and to create a plan to systematically return the home to its original, safe, healthy condition.

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