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Preparation Tips for a Gynecologist Visit

The annual visit to gynecologist, just like flossing and visiting your dentist can be terrifying. Most women even after countless visits to the gynecologist are still uncomfortable with the idea of dropping by the gynecologist office. This feeling can go away if you are well prepared for the visit. This article covers some basic tips and tricks that can help you relax during your next visit to the OB GYN in Brooklyn.

Keep track of your monthly cycle

For many women, life can get hectic and busy that their cycle slips their mind. This is normal especially when they have to deal with work, family and children. However, it is important that you keep track of your cycle. Things to note include when it comes each month, how long it lasts on average and if anything, unusual happens. You might be wondering why this information is important. The reason behind it is so that you know if you have regular periods. If they are not regular it might be an indication that your hormones are not in balance. With technology, there are many different applications that you can install on your phone to help you keep track.

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Know your family medical history

You might think that this is not necessary for an OB GYN Brooklyn visit but it is. You should not only know your own medical history but also that of your family. If polycystic ovarian syndrome or breast cancer runs in your family, it is vital to let your gynecologist know. If you have no idea about your medical history it is time you talk to your parents. This information lets you keep in charge of your own health. With the knowledge of your medical history, the doctors are in a better position to assess your health in general terms.


Doctors’ offices are attached with feelings of anxiety, worry and uneasiness. To avoid these feelings, it helps to stay relaxed. Some people keep themselves distracted by reading magazines as they wait their turn, others just listen to music. You can do whatever it takes to get your head in the right place. Also ensure that you have emptied your bowels and bladder. Even though they do not affect the results it will help you relax when you are on the table.

Dress to undress

Undressing can be difficult for some women especially if you are conservative. To ease the process, ensure that you wear clothes that slip off easily. Avoid wearing tight body shaper and other cloths that have to be laced up.

You visit to the OB GYN Brooklyn does not have to be scary. It can be easy and fast if you follow the above stated tips.


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