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Let Me Tell You About A Car I Know: The Toyota Rav4

On The Road Again?

Toyota Rav4 Baltimore To Brooklyn 

Truth be told I had never made the jaunt before. Driving alone from my home in Baltimore, MD to my annual family reunion in Brooklyn, NY was a completely foreign idea for me. We had flown together as a family and drove in numerous caravans, however, this would be my first solo drive. That didn’t matter, I knew my Toyota Rav4 was up for the challenge.

Now that the children were grown and out of the house , my husband agreed that the time spent on the road would be good for me to unwind before the family gathering.

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The Cargo Space

This year I was in charge of the tee-shirts and the peach cobbler. The family reunion was easily 200 people! That is a lot of peach cobbler and a lot of tee-shirts. No worries, the Toyota Rav4 has 38.4 ft of cargo space!  The great thing about the cargo area is that if you put the seats down you get a whopping 73.4 ft! In fact the Rav4 is near the top of its car class in terms of cargo area. Though I purchased the car for its looks I do appreciate that it gives me style and space for times like this. Now that I think of it when we moved my daughter into her college dorm last fall is when I gained the appreciation for the cargo area. Well, here we go again. There is plenty of room for the cooler filled with my signature dish, the big box of two hundred “Smith Family Reunion” baby blue tee shirts and my luggage.

I knew my Toyota Rav4 was up for the challenge.

Toyota Rav4 Baltimore

It was a good decision. I arrived at my destination feeling relaxed and ready to party. This little baby gets up to 30 miles per gallon on the highway so the three and one half hour ride was a breeze. Filling up in Baltimore, I didn’t have to stop for gas at all!

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