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Know This before Choosing Memory Care Facilities in Penfield, NY

If a loved one suffers from memory impairment, you can assist in the little way you can by spending as much quality time together as possible. Since memory care facilities in Penfield, NY comes equipped with experienced staff members that provide proper care for residents, your loved one is guaranteed to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle that gives them time to relax with friends and family. Before choosing the right facility for your loved one, it is important to note that some memory care facilities have more advanced amenities than others. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the best memory care facilities in Penfield, NY


It is vital that you visit the facility in person for inspection. Prior to the visitation, chances are you must have jotted down a list of questions to ask. Even if you fail to ask other relevant questions, remember to ask about their memory care activities. What programs do they have in place? Do they have a list of scheduled event and activities for residents? If yes, check them out to see if any of the listed activities will interest your loved one. Also, ask if they allow for socializing. What type of game is available? Some activities are designed to improve short-term memory function in residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. Games such as bingo, board games and card games can help keep the mind active.

Qualified Staff

When it comes to dealing with memory loss, it pays to choose a facility that hires only qualified staffs. Memory care facilities in Penfield, NY have employees that not only engage residents but are willing and ready to help improve their cognitive functions. In your quest for a memory care facility in Penfield NY, don’t forget to ask what type of training and qualifications the staff have.


People with memory impairment need to spend some time outdoors. This is important for their care. Breathing in fresh air, lounging in the sun and watching nature at its finest can improve short-term memory. Many memory care facilities in Penfield, NY have great outdoor area perfect for an evening stroll. But make sure you do proper research.


Communication is another factor to consider. When your loved one is suffering from memory impairment, they sometimes seek solace from their family member. So before settling for any memory care facility, get detailed information about their communication process. How often will family members get an update about the conditions of their loved one in the facility? In what situations will they call a resident’s family? These are some of the things to find out.


Choose a memory care facility that’s within a short distance from your place of residence. Even if you don’t have a facility closest to your home, make sure you choose a facility that is located near a family member or friend. Research on the amenities that the neighborhood has to offer and research on the fun activities to do in the area.

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