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Introduction to Agile Project Management with Scrum Classroom guidance

Not just IT, our Agile Coaching and training philosophy also focuses across the enterprise. Our training are highly very interactive and approaches an offer of learning. Students will be able to hit the ground running towards the success implement of agile methodologies within your department and team, and ultimately across the organization. In agile project management with scrum classroom training helps you to learn advanced project management skills. It enables your team to deliver the needs of your customer faster and with better quality than before. The advance training are for those who are already known to agile methodologies who wishes to take their skills in project management for agile teams to their next level. The agile project managementare documented and cross referenced as the part of training material which allows you to continue the study after the training.

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Points to remember

  • You should understand the principles and practices of agile project management which can transform the team performance and improve customer satisfaction.
  • You can acquire valuable insights into how you can built the trust and empower as well as inspire your agile team.
  • You can gain a knowledge of establishing transparency in communication inside the team as well as with the customers.
  • You can learn the techniques in developing teams into high performance agile teams.
  • You can gain powerful agile project management skills by using agile estimating techniques which will allow you to drive estimates more quickly and accurately and aid you in iteration and planning release.
  • You can combine the best methods from different agile project management methods for applying in your agile team.
  • You can perform by establishing a plan for incorporating agile project management practices into your work area.
  • You can able to gain powerful insights, skills and techniques to successfully train a new or existing agile team.
  • You can learn how to communicate and establish appropriate expectation for your agile team which includes responsibility, roles and accountability.
  • You can convert prioritization of requirement from a point of solution into a continuous evolving part of the agile development process.

More about Agile Management

Agile Management also defines a value driven approaches which allows project managers to deliver high quality and high priority works and stand like a professional in front of their stakeholders. The inception of software development as a business, there are also a number of processes following. With the advance system of software development, business requirements and technologies, the traditional models are not good enough to cater the demands.

Therefore more simple software development models are required to address the agility of the requirements resulting the information technology community in developing agile software development models. Although agile development model is very much different from conventional models. It is also a specialized area in project management. The product owner is responsible for the business aspects of those project which includes ensuring of the right products in the right order. A good product owner can also balance competing priorities which is available to the team and is also empowered to make such decisions about the products.

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