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How To Select crop tops


Crop Top can also be called as short top or tee, which helps to flaunt the belly of the girls who wear this in order to have a sexy look. Crop Top looks like a normal top but its length may end at a human navel (belly-button) or otherwise higher than that. It can provide users with both a glamor look or otherwise a formal look.

Ways for selecting Crop Tops

For selecting crop tops, first, the women must need to know the size and structure of their body in order to choose a crop top that best suits them. Following listed are some of the body shapes of the women and their way of selection according to the shape.

For Tall Women–Are you a person with good physique (lean structure)? Do you want to accentuate your style to the crowd? Are you a person with good height? Then try choosing crop tops of vivid style with repeated patterns mainly of printed type to look more classic in the crowd.

For Curved Body Shape – The women with the curvaceous sized body can prefer well-fitted material of crop top to add elegant style to their beauty. They must also prefer to choose a well-fitted waist length crop top.

For Women with Small Bosom – Try to choose patterns that mainly gain attention to your bust area like having a pocket that will simply enhance the bust area of women. Choose the crop top that mainly draws the attention on the upper side by keeping plain in the lower half of the top.

For Women with Big Bosom–Select crop top of solid colors by choosing a stretchy typed material with a large neckline in the top. Choosing like this will reveal your bust area as a smaller size and offer a classic style and confident look to the women.

For Women with Thin Body–They can prefer crop tops which actually runs till their waistline and pair it with a skirt of the long type just leaving a few gap of skin to be shown-off.

For Pear Shaped Women – A person with wide hip and a narrow top are called as pear shaped. Choose crop tops that fit the body size and pair it with jeans of high-waist to give a slimmer look.


For a sexy and classic look, select tops based on the shape of the body that best fits the body. More than that drawing the attention not only depends on sexy or formal style but also it shows the confidence within ourselves. Selecting crop tops perfectly will give you a fashionable and confident look to think out of the box.

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