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How To Import A Car Into Australia From Japan

Even if we live in the 21st century, importing a car is still not as easy as just driving it across the boarder. There are various regulations and rules you must follow before you can finally drive your can, and we are going to give you a quick walk through about it.

Lots of paperwork

Like all other actions that involve some kind of legal activities, there is quite a lot of paperwork to be done when importing a car into Australia. However, even if there is a lot of work, don’t let that discourage you from getting that amazing car you wanted to drive ever since you first saw it.

The most important part of paperwork that you should do before anything else, is get yourself a permit to import a car into Australia. While that might seem a bit obvious to some you can actually order a car to get shipped via Dazmac or other importing companies as soon as you make the purchase, even if you don’t have a permit because all they have to do is get it to the boarder of Australia.

Without the permit, your car will be put on the side at first, however, if you don’t manage to obtain the permit in the listed number of days that you have been warned about it, the vehicle will be returned to the place where it came from, meaning you will have to do everything again.

All kinds of vehicles are available for transport

Prepare for payments

When it comes to importing cars, there are a lot of fees, and while you can expect some of them without research, there are quite a lot of them that might catch you off guard. For example, one of the fees that people usually don’t pay attention to are the taxes on the luxury cars. While a lot of them are completely banned from being imported, the ones that are not usually carry a big importing fee.

There are also various categories of cars that are not allowed for import besides some in the luxury section. Depending on how much the purchased car was used or how old it is, it may not be accepted into Australia if it doesn’t apply the conditions.

While you can contact Dazmac for a reliable Japanese import cars in Sydney or some other professionals, you will have to make all the regulations of the car yourself. This means that you will have to assure that it is fully equipped for the Australian standards such as having child restraint anchor points, seat belts, replacing the side door mirror, and a couple of other things.


Once you make sure that you got all the paperwork and regulations done, it is suggested that you get yourself some professional car cleaning because it will make your car go faster through the quarantine process. Your car will most likely arrive by sea in a big container which will keep the car in perfect condition.

Once your car is in the container, it will be safe for transport

Final Word

Once you get your hands on the car, you will have to go through the same process as if you would purchase the car in Australia in the first place. This means that you will have to wait a couple of days to register it under your name before you can legally use it.

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