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How to Find the Cheapest Campervan Hire RV Rates?

You’re finally taking the plunge and going on a road trip around the country. Congratulations! It’s bound to be a trip of a lifetime. There’s nothing quite like traveling with everything you need right there with you in a campervan hire.

Where are you planning on going? Do you plan to take a long road trip to stop and enjoy as much as possible throughout the country? Or are you going to hit the few destinations that capture your attention and spend a day or so at each one?

As you start planning for your trip, you may be setting aside the budget for it. Do you know how much it should cost you to rent a campervan hire? The following information should give you an idea on the expenses and factors involved in rates and prices, so you can make a well-informed decision and try to find cheaper rates.

  • A campervan will typically cost between $25-$50 a night. The price that you pay is largely dependent on what you need in your campervan. A higher-priced campervan will most likely have a toilet and even possibly a shower. The lowest-priced option could only have a bed and possibly (possibly) a cooler and a cooker. So, the rate that you will end up paying is largely dependent on what you’re willing to forgo or not. If you want cheaper, go with less.
  • A relocation rental can cost as little as a $1 a night. If you don’t have a set schedule or itinerary that you want to follow and really just want to see as much as possible as cheap as possible, this is a superb way of traveling. Sure, you won’t have all the freedom in the world, but at $1 a night, you won’t really mind. You’ll still get to see a lot of the country and enjoy yourself and you’ll be able to spend more on other things.
  • Do your research and compare prices before your trip. Choosing the first thing that comes your way is a good way to pay more for something that could have cost you less. Research, research, research, and you’re bound to get a good deal.
  • Consider traveling in off season. High season means higher rates, so if you can travel whenever you feel like it, do so and you’re bound to spend less for your road trip.

Factors to Consider

As you’re planning and setting aside money for your trip, be careful not to forget other expenses involved in renting a campervan. The following information should give you an idea of what you may expect to spend on your trip:

  • Some companies may ask for a deposit: Some companies ask for a deposit and while they are supposed to return your deposit, you have to be careful. Make sure that you do a thorough check of the vehicle beforehand to avoid the company keeping your deposit. Also, do your research. Some companies may promise to return it, but if you’re not on top of them, they may keep it.
  • You will need to fill up on fuel on your trip: A full tank of fuel can cost around $80-90. If you plan on traveling for an extended period of time, this cost will add up.
  • Insurance is necessary: Insurance is going to cost you some extra money, but you’ll want to drive with insurance. So, make sure to factor it in.
  • If you’re not freedom camping in a self-contained vehicle, campsites cost: There are some areas in Australia and NZ that allow freedom camping, if you are traveling in a self-contained vehicle. If not, you’ll need to be very careful where you freedom camp or pay campsites. While you can find some cheap ones at around $5 a night, it’s still an extra cost to factor in.
  • If you’re traveling between the two islands in New Zealand, you’ll need to ferry your vehicle. If you’re driving a campervan hire throughout New Zealand, don’t forget that you’ll need to ferry it between the two islands.
  • You will get fined if you don’t follow the local driving laws of the country, whether it be Australia or NZ: Make sure to follow the laws of the land to avoid hefty fines that can be disastrous for the money that you’re trying to save. Make sure to do your research before traveling, so you can be aware of what’s expected in the country you’re going to. Start practicing driving on the left side of the road!

The cost difference between renting a campervan hire and a motorhome is quite large, so if you really just want to have something simple to sleep in while traveling, a campervan will do just fine. You can spend that extra money on activities and experiences. Enjoy your trip!

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