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How 300 Underprivileged Children Found a Creative Outlet With One Artist

There are thousands of nonprofits and charity foundations across India that are striving to provide children from poor and rural communities a quality education, to protect them from domestic abuse, to help them fight malnutrition and to provide the medical care they can’t afford. Many of them are doing some great work and creating real impact on millions of little lives.

What’s rare in a country ridden by issues that make all the difference between life and death like poverty and hunger, is an effort to make these children happy. That’s what one charity foundation led by a great artist set out to do on a website that let campaigners raise money through crowdfunding in India.

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What do they do?

The D L Subramaniam Foundation is a charitable trust founded by a duo made up of a violin icon and vocal legend who believed that every single child equally deserves the opportunity to find joy in culture and escape into a creative space. Exploring creative skills at a young age, especially in music, is also scientifically proven to improve a child’s intellectual abilities. Holding this belief close to their hearts, they set out to provide quality musical education to children from underprivileged communities. They have been taking weekly classes and offering year-long programmes to these children for years now.

Before they turned to crowdfunding, they were already actively working with a whopping 15,000 children in dozens of schools where they strived to train teachers and provide quality instruments.

How did crowdfunding help their students?

A single school would contain 300 students, aging anywhere between 3 and 16 and needed Rs 3.5 lakhs to be able to function smoothly and sustain the program. Soon, the foundation faced an issue every nonprofit, small and big, faces at countless points in its lifetime; a lack of help with funds.

On Impact Guru, a global crowdfunding platform based in India, the foundation was able to raise the money they needed from over 20 donors in a short period of time to sustain a whole school of underprivileged students that found solace in their developing skills!

Crowdfunding, though fairly new to India, has played a major role in consistently finding solutions to most of the social and medical issues that plague the country and has helped make many dreams, projects and causes around the world a reality. With the right crowdfunding platform, anyone can start a fundraiser to spark a change in the world!

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