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Here’s Why St Lucia Should be on Your Bucketlist

Ask most people about their travel bucketlist,and you’ll hear the likes of Thailand, African Safaris and occasionally Paris, Dubai and London. Few people think of the Caribbean as a place to visit other than when they join a cruise or for a holiday in the sun. And when they do, even fewer would consider the tiny island of St Lucia. Not only does the island have some of Caribbean’s best beaches and diving spots but you’ll also have several luxurious homes in St Lucia to stay in with views of the beach. If you haven’t considered this Caribbean spot before, here are a few reasons why you should put it on your bucketlist.

Scuba Diving

St Lucia is surrounded by warm water that houses a vast array of marine life including tropical fish, corals and even the occasional giant turtle. If you’re diving certified, having the opportunity to explore the underwater paradise is a once in a lifetime experience. Not only are the waters relatively unexplored but divers are guaranteed to have an incredible time. Several tour companies offer trips out into the ocean with having better reputations than others. Ask for recommendations and read their recent reviews before booking a tour.

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The Chance to Hike the Pitons

The most iconic attractions in St Lucia are the Pitons. The two conical shaped volcanic plugs are a World Heritage Site and make a perfect place to hike. Gros Piton at 792 metres (2619 feet) is the largest while the slightly smaller Petit Piton stands at 750 metres (2461 feet). The Piton Miton Ridge links both peaks to the nearby town Soufriere. Taking a day trip to visit and hike through the island’s most breath-taking scenery should be on any nature-lovers itinerary. And having the chance to see the two stunning peaks is a reason in itself to visit St Lucia.

St Lucians

St Lucians have a reputation for being helpful, friendly, laid-back and among some of the happiest people in the world. Visitors often report seeing the locals smiling and generally in a good mood. Everyone seems to be laughing and joking around with each other. The attitude and approach to life is somewhat infectious to tourists. When you meet St Lucians, it won’t be long before you make a new a friend. From the hotel receptionist the coconut seller and traffic police officer, most people on this island will be willing to help out or chat with a tourist.

The Natural Beauty

Not only is St Lucia blessed with endless stretches of beautiful beaches but it also has mountains, jungles, waterfalls and a whole host of other spectacular things to see. Holidaymakers have the chance to experience all of these first hands and spend their time in a tropical paradise. One day you could be lounging around on the beach and the next hiking up one of the Pitons. The island’s wildlife has an appeal as well with everything from tropical birds to monkeys and dolphins.

The Caribbean Cuisine

The food in St Lucia combines elements of European, French, Creole and Caribbean styles. Restaurants serve every type of cuisine imaginable from barbequed fish to prime steak. One of the highlights is sampling some of the delicious food cooked up in the street side stalls. Kebabs and fish can be bought all around the island and savoured by the side of the road or in a high-end restaurant overlooking the sea.

The Luxurious Experience

If you’re here for a luxurious getaway, St Lucia will provide everything you’ll need. Expect the very best standards in the all-inclusive resorts and hotels with a range of world-class facilities and spacious rooms. On the other side of the luxurious spectrum, visitors can rent their own private villa. Regardless of the kind of experience you’re looking for, you can find the very best in St Lucia.

The Laid Back Lifestyle

Imagine relaxing on the beach with a cocktail while reggae or funky Caribbean music plays in the background. This is the environment that St Lucians grow up in, and it creates an outgoing and laid-back approach to life. You won’t see people rushing around to meet deadlines like at home. Instead, people tend to be sitting around with their friends laughing and joking. If you want to escape the stress of life, St Lucia really is the tropical paradise to unwind and recuperate.

The Chance to Drive into the World’s Only Drive-in Volcano

Yes, you read that correctly. St Lucia has the world’s only drive-in volcano called Soufriere. Hot springs and mineral waters surround the active volcano. And as the name suggests, visitors can drive through the volcano which takes them to the spas. Inside, visitors have the chance to relax in the pools, take baths and indulge in aspa treatment. Even if relaxing at the spa isn’t for you, the experience of visiting the drive-in volcano should be a compelling reason to visit St Lucia.

The Weather

St Lucia has a tropical climate. This means the weather will be warm providing holidaymakers with sunny days and t-shirt weather every single day of the year. If you want to escape the cold and darkness of winter or just come to top up your suntan, St Lucia makes the perfect place to visit.

St Lucia is a Paradise

Hopefully, this article has provided a few reasons why St Lucia makes the perfect place to visit. If you haven’t already considered this Caribbean destination, it’s time to put it on your bucketlist and start planning your dream vacation today.

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