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Geoffrey Morell Reveals the Secretsof Staying Youthful

The poem “Father William” by Lewis Carroll is a fun poem which talks about how a son admires the suppleness and active behavior of his father even in his old age.  The poem enumerates the ways in which, how the old Father William could still stand on his head and even perform a perfect somersault. All these antics of the old man poses to be a very surprising thing to his son, considering the age of his father; however, Geoffrey Morell, the founder of the Western A. Price Foundation, guarantees promises the masses that if they follow his advices on how to lead life they can surely be inheritors of youthfulness all their life.

Mr. Morell himself is 85 years old and yet he does not feel as his peers of the same age, he has dipped his hands in dairy farming, energy healing as well as medical intuition, and has lived a very fulfilling life. This he has accomplished by primarily living a healthy life, a very important part of which is a proper healthy diet.

In his 85th year Geoffrey Morell, thus along with his wife has purchased a farm where he intends to carry out dairy farming in order to produce raw and organic milk, a kind of food he considers to be one of the main contributors of the kind of diet he endorses. He has established raw milk as one of the wonder foods that ought to be consumed by everyone who wishes to stay youthful.

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A Different Perspective of Seeing Life- Geoffrey Morell Takes A Dig At It

He thinks every individual should aim at in a healer himself/herself, by this he means that whenever one falls ill, instead of immediately making rounds for a doctor’s appointment, on should attempt to carry out the healing process within oneself first. For this one requires three things that should first of all be eliminated from one’s life – ego, jealousy and hatred. Following this there is the need to incorporate three things, which are: to be receptive, to alter one’s perspective, and most importantly, to bring about changes in the diet of oneself.

Persistent focus should be kept on the kind of food one is consuming; and those who indulge I nutrient rich foods are the ones who will be mostly benefited and move step forward towards achieving their aim of staying healthy and youthful all their life. A diet comprising of all fruits and vegetables is often considered to be super foods that are capable of maintaining the health as well as the size and shape of an individual.

This kind of diet is absolutely low on calories and replete with antioxidants, vitamins, fibers and minerals which are essential nutrients which are necessary for the enhancement of the body’s capacity to fight with various diseases, including cancer. In addition to the excellent maintenance of health, a vegan diet also entitles you to be the owner of a slender and slim body.

Red tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, berries, and all sorts of fruits form an intrinsic part of such a diet and experts of this diet type emphasize that your plate should have at least two or three colors every time you take a meal.

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