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Follow These 4 Tips to Get the Best Invisalign Results  

Congratulations on deciding to invest in Invisalign! Maybe you did it because you wanted to improve your smile. Your dental health may have depended on getting your teeth straightened out. It doesn’t matter why you chose to get Invisalign. What’s important is keeping the following suggestions in mind. You don’t want your money and effort to go to waste by following poor Invisalign habits.

  1. Remember to Brush and Floss

You’ll need to brush your teeth and floss thoroughly before putting your Invisalign trays back in after a meal. Failing to do so traps food and other bacteria between your teeth. Not cleaning your teeth could lead to dental decay and other tooth or gum issues.

What you can do is buy a small pouch to keep a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste in. It should fit in your pocket or purse for easy access when you’re at work or out having a meal. That way you’re never forced to place your Invisalign tray in without cleaning your teeth first.

  1. Keep Your Tray Clean

You’ll do this for the same reason you clean your teeth after each meal. It’s easy for the clear trays to get discolored. There might also be a bit of an odor from wearing them day and night.

Invisalign offers a brand of cleaning crystals for this purpose. You can also try soaking your trays in a denture cleanser at least five minutes every day. Try using baking soda or even You can also keep them fresh by using baking soda or even antibacterial soap. Avoid using toothpaste since the texture ends up scratching and dulling the trays.

  1. Wear Them As Recommended

We understand the pain that comes with remembering to take your trays in and out. It’s tempting to toss it aside for and give yourself a break. You’re undercutting the progress you could be making by shorting yourself by even a few hours every day.

It’s best to leave them in for 20-22 hours every day. Those extra hours help you meet the date goal set by your orthodontist. You’ll be glad you followed instructions the day you achieve the permanent results you’ve long desired.

  1. Have Your Aligner Case Handy

You’ll be strongly tempted to toss your Invisalign trays into a napkin while you eat. Falling into this habit leaves them exposed to bacteria and other contaminants you end up putting right back in your mouth. Always use your tray for storage to keep them protected.

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