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Five Great Ideas for Wood Fences in Austin

The first great idea for your wood fence in Austin is a true classic. The picket fence is perhaps the best known out of all the different types of fences. A picket fence can surround your garden or front yard and look great while doing so. Picket fences are usually three to four feet in height with posts spaced widely apart and have a raindrop shaped carving on the top of the post.

The second great idea for your wood fence company in Austin is a lattice fence. If you are looking for help constructing a lattice fence, a wood fence company Austin can assist you. A lattice fence is quite decorative and excellent for gardens, since it lets climbing plants grow naturally. It is made of wooden strips which crisscross and has gaps so air can move through it. Lattice fences are great choices for decks as well as gardens.

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The third great idea for your wood fence company in Austin is a post and rail fence. This is a very cheap type of fence used widely for animal pens, but it can also divide properties. The majority of post and rail fences are four feet in height and have a minimum of two and a maximum of four horizontal posts attached to vertical beams at intervals of five or six feet.

The fourth great idea for your wood fence in Austin is panel fencing. Panel fencing is designed to provide maximum privacy and prevent any strangers from looking into your home or lawn. Additionally, panel fencing may be constructed using a variety of wood types. Panel fencing has vertical slats which are put close together to provide optimal privacy for you.

The fifth great idea for your wood fence in Austin is a vertical board fence. A vertical board fence provides excellent privacy as well as maximum protection from wind and noise. Any wood fence company Austin would recommend it to you. Vertical board fences are made to have a height of six feet and include overlapping boards to further increase the privacy of your home. These are a very effective type of wood fence.

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