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Create Safe Parking with Gorilla Post Delineators

Drivers don’t always make the best judgment calls when parking.  An excellent way to create a safe parking lot environment that will help provide some protection against damage to vehicles and contribute to decreasing the property owner’s liability is with Gorilla post delineators. Delineators are tools used to help direct traffic within your parking structure or lot.  There are Gorilla post delineator options for permanent parking or temporary outdoor parking.


Post delineators come with different ways to mount them in the parking lot.  There are magnetic base posts that are perfect for creating a temporary traffic or pedestrian pattern to help move drivers where you want them.  Because they are magnetic, they can easily be placed and removed as needed.  The quick release base model allows the post to be removed while the base stays put.  They are ideal for quick temporary changes to a lot that can be changed back when things change.  The fixed base post is excellent for permanent placements.  The posts are flexible and can take a hit and stay standing while causing little or no damage to the vehicle.  There are soil mounted base posts designed for ground installations.  It has a flexible base to reduce vehicle damage.

Benefits of Flexible Delineators

The idea of flexible delineators is a relatively new one, and there are many benefits over the old style.  The flexible design helps to create a safer parking lot because they are flexible and can take a hit without damage to the vehicle or the delineator.  It also makes them cost effective because they don’t need to be replaced as often.   The different base mounts allow you the freedom to place delineators where you need them when you need them.  You can choose permanent bases, indoor or outdoor mounting, or use the temporary mounts.  The flexible design is lighter weight and easier to move, which makes temporary changes a snap.  You have the luxury of choosing a variety of types of Gorilla post delineators needed to help you create a safe parking environment for drivers.

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