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Content Marketing in The Food Industry

There is such an array of food on the market and many companies making claims about health benefits including low fat and low salt; ethically sourced producers, multinationals and cottage enterprises. It is imperative that your product stands out from its competitors using marketing tools which deliver results.

Advertising, events, infographics, videos and social media are proven food PR tools, as is content marketing. Your website is your 24/7 shop window and it must impress as more people than ever use the internet for data, shopping and reviews.

Content marketing is an invaluable resource

Food marketing and public relations experts appreciate that the website text and images must engage the reader, inform them, entice them towards learning more or making a purchase. It should also increase brand awareness, loyalty and maintain interest that garners repeat business and therefore revenue.

From blogs to articles, food information pieces, company data and industry news updates, the content on a website must achieve your goals. Your food deserves to be known, enjoyed and to encourage future business, including word of mouth recommendations.

A core asset of content marketing is that it aids the images so if your product is photographed looking sublime, ensure that the text which accompanies the image is equally tempting. Bland, uninspiring words can impact negatively, no matter how delightful the product appears.

Recent research established that PR, food related public relations included, is seven times more effective than advertising. PR is more trustworthy; people see hundreds of advertising pieces a day but don’t act on them.

Responsibility and transparency with food PR

Increasingly, consumers want to know where their food items are sourced from and so providing this information in an easy to read format is the best way to attract them.

If you run a Fairtrade company or produce products with the collaboration of an industry leader, then please don’t let this information go unnoticed. If a chef known from television gave your food product a positive review or it won a food magazine competition then these things carry weight with consumers, but they must have the means and encouragement to know about it.

Content marketing is essential to “get your name in lights.” Good publicity generates positivity and it makes your firm, product, ethos and future stronger and more attractive.

Increase online traffic through content

Well-crafted content marketing features pertinent words and phrases, keywords, which help the search engine, and the searcher, find you.

For example, if a consumer searches for “Fairtrade coffee” and your website has this phrase often and honestly within the text, the likelihood of search matches increases and the more matches, the higher the position on the search engine and online visibility so more people will find your product and firm. A range of keywords is vital to ensure that the most possible matches are achieved.

Please don’t try to replicate the success of experienced food marketing professionals, you have other calls on your time and expertise. Please allow a leading firm like Ceres PR to handle this aspect of business effectively and efficiently.

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