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Build Your Business with the Best Online Directory Software

Online directory software can help you build a powerful listing website that keeps earning you money, even as you sleep. The directory software comes with great features, giving you the opportunity to use it for different types of directories. Whatever your needs be it to create a business listings directory or a highly functional multi-section one, with online directory software, the sky is a stepping stone. Choosing the right directory software is important as its gives you the flexibility to activate and deactivate modules at will.

Business Listing

No matter the size of business, they can register and add listings to your online directory. It allows you to design a city directory, yellow pages, or a directory software that caters to both local and international business.

Classified Ads

Online directory software allows businesses to register and post classified ads. The software package comes with many great features designed specifically to help you make more money from ads as well.

Event Listings

Most event organizers are looking to create more awareness about their business by submitting events on your directory. Create an online directory that comes complete with events calendar. This means event managers can easily create and submit events on your directory.

Property Listings

The real estate industry is not left out. Real estate agents and homeowners looking to sell their homes can register and submit property listings. The best online directory software package comes with great features for property listings.

Job Listings

An online directory also allows you create a section specifically for job posting. Employers can submit the vacant positions in their organization. Likewise, job seekers can scroll through the many job postings to choose the right position for them.

Things to Know About Online Directory Software

When you have successfully selected a niche for yourself, there are some definitions you must be familiar with before you can be fully grounded in this software.

  1. Integration of PayPal e-commerce

Payment for subscriptions can be managed with suitable PayPal IPN technology. Thus, every payment made on your directory will be accurately monitored. You can tailor payment packages to meet your needs.

  1. SEO integration

This search spider friendly technique ensures that your directory is easily found amongst the first ‘ten’ search results on the internet. This results in higher traffic. It is important that your online directory is visible, so SEO integration can help you in this regard.

  1. MySQL database

This contains the directory software. Your web service provider will help you gain admission into this database.

  1. Admin panel

This allows for the customization of your directory. Series of modifications can involve subscriptions, package listings, statistics, and earnings.

  1. Google Maps API key

If you want to set Google mapping for easier location of your business, you will need this. The admin panel contains the steps required for this.

Online directory software is one of the ways to make quick money. With it, you have more power and less worries.

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