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Back To School Rush? Turn It Into A Competitive Advantage For Your Dental Practice!

With fall just around the corner, parents will be trying to scrambling to fit in as many last minute summer activities they can before it’s time to send their kids back to school. While many things on the to-do list are inherently kid-friendly, like visits to the water park, some, such as summer dental checkups don’t rank very high on many kid’s end-of-summer bucket list. However, that doesn’t mean your dental practice can’t provide children with a fantastic experience that will form long-lasting positive relationships with your younger clients.

By preparing your practice in advance, such as buying wholesale dental supplies to stay in budget, staying on top of your practice’s social media and blog with current events, and having a clear plan for providing an exceptional experience during checkups, you can turn the end of summer rush into a competitive advantage for your practice. Here are a couple of helpful tips to keep in mind:

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Have Summer Themed Treats On Hand

Treats are okay in moderation. If your patient hasn’t undergone a treatment that prevents eating or drinking immediately after their appointment, consider offering a juice box, fruit popsicle or small water bottle to keep them cool when they leave your office. If they aren’t able to eat or drink after an appointment, send them home with a small summer-related toy such as a mini-Frisbee.

Send Kids Home With a Back-To-School Gift Bag

When ordering your wholesale dental supplies, remember to stock up on child-friendly dental care items. Make up gift bags that include a kid-sized toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Slip in a dental-related coloring book and some crayons, or a small kid-themed drinking cup. Add a notebook imprinted with your practices’ logo for doodling.

Set Up A Kid Station

Nobody likes waiting for dental appointments, and it can be hard for little ones to stay entertained while waiting for the hygienist. Set up a table in your waiting room that focuses on fun, summer-themed activities like coloring books, cut and paste projects, or interactive games for parents and kids to play while waiting.

The end of summer is usually a busy time for most dental practices. By putting in a little care and effort into ensuring your littlest patients have an exceptional experience can increase patient loyalty, garner referrals, and help make your practice more competitive.

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