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6 Tips for Choosing An Intensive Outpatient Program New Jersey

An Intensive outpatient program is a substance abuse rehab center that operates with the aim of unshackling individuals from the chains of drug and substance abuse. Unlike the regular outpatient rehab program, the intensive outpatient program New Jersey is well-suited for the individuals with severe substance addiction. Severity, in this case, depends on a myriad of factors such as the duration of addiction, type of substance abused, number of rehab attempt, history of withdrawal complications and history of mental stability.
There are various factors to take into considerations when choosing an IOP for yourself or your loved ones.

Below are some of the factors.

Treatment programs for specific substances

Different substance abuse requires a different rehab approach.  While the practitioners in the different IOPs New Jersey have a general outline of dealing with “all” substance abuse cases, you should consult on whether they offer rehab services for the specific substance being abused. Enquire from them if they`ve successfully treated the specific substance in question, and whether they`ve the necessary programs to help the patients recover.

Just like the name suggests, the intensive outpatient programs are “intensive” in nature and are thorough. In most cases, the programs take a minimum of 10 to 20 hours of counseling and therapy that spread over a week and may take up to 4 months. The time required and resources involved can be quite expensive, and you should do a cost comparison before settling for one.

Insurance plans offered

Most of the IOPs in New Jersey accept payments from insurance companies. However, before committing to a facility, ensure that the firm you`re considering is in a position to with your insurance company.

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The location is vital when it comes to choosing the right intensive outpatient program New Jersey. This is true, particularly for patients who commute to the facility rather than reside in the center; location must be within a reasonable distance that will allow the patients to commute on a daily basis.

To make the program more effective, it`s recommended that patients choose a facility that has a proximity to where their families reside. Having a family by your side during the rehab process can be encouraging and reassuring.

Treatment options

An IOP should provide clients with a variety of treatment programs/options to choose from. Some of the options that a patient can expect are group or individual therapy, peer therapy i.e. LGBTQ+, veterans, adolescents, or same gender program.

Facility rating

Substance treatment center operates similarly as the typical business, and it pays to do some form of research about their reputation. Online reviews and rating on some of the websites such as Yelp can provide you with an outline of the facility

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