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5 Things to Check in a Used Car before Buying

If you are purchasing a used car for the first time, you usually have a lot of concerns. These concerns are mostly about the mechanical state and aesthetic state of the car.

Research has proved that the attractive pricing of used cars is one of the biggest reasonswhy people buy second-hand cars. Earlier, most of the used cars were purchased from the local sellers, who are not reliable most of the times. Now, with the advancement in technology,it’s easy to finalise deals online. You can buy a used car online Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and many other cities in India.

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Here are the few key points you need to consider before you plan to buy a used car.

  1. Engine Condition: This is one of the first things you need to check as it is the heart of the car. If the engine of the car is not in a good condition, then it is a big ‘NO’ to go ahead.
  2. Brake System and Gear: This is also very important to review. Your driving tends to be uncomfortable if the brake pads and the discs are not in a well-maintained condition. Make sure that the gears can be applied properly without any problem. When you go for a test drive, have a trusted mechanic beside you.
  3. Radiator: This is one of the core parts related to the engine. It is a cooling system for the engine. Don’t miss out on checking the condition of the radiator.
  4. Lights: Inspect the condition of the lights by going fora test drive in a dark zone. This will help find the actual condition of the lights.
  5. Underbody: Underbody of the car has the ability to bear the harsh conditions. In case this part is rusted, then it losses the worthiness. So, do check it out.


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