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3 Types of Damages You Should Check Before You Buy Used Car

Many times buyers do not hesitate to purchase a used car that is old enough. Although the definition of old may be subjective to a person, a car that is more than 7 years old is often considered old in the market. Despite knowing the date of manufacturing, some buyers prefer to buy used Volkswagen Vento in Bangalore.

When you are entering into such a deal, it is very important to check the car thoroughly for damages.

Damage Caused Due to Storage

The first thing you should do is try to find out where the car was stored and for how long. If it had been stored in a dusty and moist area, then the body of the car is bound to gather rust and corrosion of metal. If it was stored in an open space without no cover or shade, then it can cause surface oxidation. If it was stored in an unbalanced manner for a long time then it can cause distortion on the structure of the car.

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Check Engine Damage

If a car has been kept in storage for more than 6 months then check for surface corrosion and associated seizures.If the car has a turbo engine then try to see if there are any perished seals and hoses. If the car has not been left in neutral in storage then it can cause damage to the gear box. Try to start the engine of the car directly from cold state. Make sure the dealer has not started the car before you arrived.

Electrical Damage

In most of the cars that have been stored for more than 6 months the connectors and the sensors can be found corroded. Electrical wirings can also be damaged by rodents that can cause short circuit problems.


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